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Major Benefits of Using Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

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Virgin coconut oil is known for its multitude of uses and benefits. It is an age-old solution for maintaining proper health of skin and hair. Virgin coconut oil for skin and hair consists of medium chain fatty acids or MCFA’s that improve the health of both in different ways. It is a 100% cold-pressed, unrefined and natural coconut oil. It does not contain any kind of chemicals or preservatives and consists of all the essential vitamins and naturally occurring nutrients, unlike ordinary coconut oil. It is infused with properties to feed and nourish both skin and hair.

Listed below are some cold-pressed coconut oil benefits that one can experience from frequent use of virgin coconut oil for skin and hair:

Benefits to Skin:

1.) Moisturizes the skin:

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil consists of vital nutrients that easily get absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. Regular usage of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil keeps skin soft, supple and hydrated throughout the day. It is non-sticky and does not leave any residue.

Moisturizes The Skin

2.) Cleanses the skin:

Skin is exposed to daily pollution, chemicals, dust and toxins that easily penetrate into the deep layers and clog pores. VCO is light, mild and chemical-free, therefore, it can be used as a natural cleanser that seeps into the pores, extracts the hardened sebum and brings it to the skin’s surface.

Clenses The Skin

3.) Removes dark spots:

VCO is useful for removing dark spots caused due to acne or pimples. If used on a regular basis, the antioxidants present in the oil help treat scars and infections.

4.) Strengthens tissue:

Daily massage helps remove dead skin cells, preserves the oils that are naturally present in the skin and also strengthens the tissues lying underneath the skin.

Virgin Coconut Oil Strenghtens Tissues

5.) Protects the skin from UV rays:

UV rays of the sun are harmful to the skin and damage skin cells. VCO can be used as a natural sunscreen as antioxidants present in the oil protect the skin from solar radiation. It is naturally loaded with SPF 5 which helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

6.) Removes makeup:

It is always wise to completely remove makeup before going to bed as removing makeup helps the skin breathe freely. VCO is chemical-free, non-sticky and a natural makeup remover that takes off any kind of makeup without any hassle and irritation.

Benefits to Hair:

1.) Hydrates hair:

Lack of sufficient water intake causes dehydration and the hair tends to dry out and lose its luster. Regular massage with cold-pressed coconut oil for hair makes the hair soft, smooth and frizz-free. This miracle oil deeply penetrates into the hair follicles and hydrates the hair inside-out while protecting it from heat and other environmental damage.

Hyderates Hair

2.) Prevents frizz:

Continuous exposure to heat, dust, pollution and solar radiation often leads to dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Regular use of VCO treats damaged hair and makes it frizz-free, smooth and lustrous.

3.) Reduces split-ends:

Due to lack of proper nourishment, the roots of the hair split into two-halves which signifies weak hair health. If cold-pressed coconut oil for hair is applied regularly, the hair is fed with the nutrients that are needed for it to be healthy and shiny.

4.) Stimulates hair growth:

Like the body, the hair also needs food and nutrients to grow and maintain its health. Regular application of VCO boosts blood circulation in the scalp which means that hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients, thereby stimulating hair growth.

Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

5.) Natural conditioning:

Artificial conditioners contain chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate or SLS and other harmful ingredients which are harmful to the hair in the long term. Virgin coconut oil can be used as a natural conditioner for all hair types which keeps hair smooth, soft and manageable.

Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil is devoid of any chemicals or additives. It can be used topically since it is highly nutritious and contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and other essential nutrients that are required for better hair and skin health. Regular use of virgin coconut oil can help protect hair from weather and sun damage as well as enhance the health and appearance of the skin.

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