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The Best at-home Treatments for Dull Hair

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Dry and dull hair is often the result of harsh climatic conditions, pollution, dust, hard water, less intake of water, chemical treatments, harmful UV rays of the sun and an unhealthy diet. It also the result when hair lacks moisture. In healthy conditions, the average moisture content of human hair should range between 10-12%. Anything less than this causes the hair to become brittle and coarse.

Regular hydrating will help improve the elasticity of hair, making it soft, moisturised and strong from the roots to the tip. Well-hydrated hair looks healthy, shiny and is easily manageable.

Nutrients like fatty acids nurture the scalp and hair strands; antioxidants provide food and nutrition to the hair follicles which stimulates the growth of hair. These vital nutrients and antioxidants are all present in cold-pressed coconut oil for hair which can help remove dandruff, soothe dry and itchy scalp issues, strengthen roots, fight frizziness and make hair manageable.

To maintain healthy and lustrous hair, there are some easy-to-make natural hair masks that can be prepared at home. These hair masks make for great options to retain the original texture and quality of the hair.

Below are some ways to show your dull hair some love, naturally:

#1. Protein-rich hair mask for Healthy, Hydrated Hair


1 Egg yolk
1 tbsp cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
1 tbsp honey
Apple cider vinegar (to rinse)


Add the egg yolk, virgin coconut oil and honey to a bowl and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture from root to tips, put on a shower cap and wrap the head with a hot towel. Keep it on for half an hour and then shampoo it off with lukewarm water. Finally, rinse hair with apple cider vinegar. Use this mask thrice a week for excellent results.

#2. Potato Hair Mask for Hair Growth and Reduced Hair Fall


1 large potato
2 tbsp aloe vera gel


Peel off the skin of one large potato and grate it. Squeeze the juice into a bowl. Mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel to the potato juice. Stir well till the mixture becomes smooth in texture. Massage it onto the scalp for 15 minutes and leave it on for two hours before washing off. Apply this mask once every week for better hair growth and reduced hair fall.

Potato Hair Mask

#3. Coconut Cream Mask for Shiny, Bouncy Hair


Coconut pulp of tender green coconut


Squeeze out the cream from tender green coconut. Keep it in a dish and warm it slightly. Massage slowly from root to tip. Post that wrap hair in a warm towel and leave it on for an hour. Rinse with a mild shampoo and let the hair dry naturally. If done frequently, this mask helps regain the hair’s lost shine and also makes it bouncy.


Coconut Cream Mask



#4. Methi Hair Mask to Stop Hair Loss


Methi seeds (depending on the length of hair)
Water (enough to soak the seeds)


Overnight, soak the methi seeds in water. Grind the seeds into a paste the day after and thoroughly massage into scalp. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then shampoo it off. This mask is an age-old remedy for hair loss and thinning.

Methi Hair Mask

#5. Henna Hair Mask for Strong & Healthy Hair


Henna (depending on the length of hair)
1 cup black tea
2 beaten eggs
4 tsp curd
Juice of ½ lemon
1 tbsp cold-pressed virgin coconut oil


Mix black tea with henna and soak it overnight. Next morning, add the eggs, curd, lemon juice and cold-pressed coconut oil for hair to the henna mixture and mix thoroughly. Apply this mask on the scalp and from root to tip. Leave it on for a minimum of two hours. Post that rinse first with cold water and follow up with a mild shampoo for best results. If applied once a week, it helps strengthen hair, makes it manageable and treats scalp disorders.

Henna Hair Mask

Chemical-laden or artificial products bought from stores are temporary fixes and in the long run, these might further damage the hair. Try the above-mentioned, easy to prepare natural hair remedies at home for better long-term results and flaunt your long, lustrous and healthy tresses with confidence!

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