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Are daily massages beneficial for Babies?

The gentle, smooth and rhythmic stroking of a baby's body with bare hands is widely referred to as a baby massage. Due to the soothing strokes from bare hands, oxytocin is released in both the [...]
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The Best at-home Treatments for Dull Hair

Dry and dull hair is often the result of harsh climatic conditions, pollution, dust, hard water, less intake of water, chemical treatments, harmful UV rays of the sun and an unhealthy diet. It also the [...]
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5 Major Benefits of using Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies

All babies have soft, tender and very sensitive skin. Having such delicate skin makes babies vulnerable to rashes, germs attack and viral infections when exposed to the environment. Babies are more susceptible to various kinds [...]
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Top 7 Benefits of Cooking with Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is considered an old natural remedy for various kinds of problems related to health, skin and hair. It is a healthy saturated fat that consists of medium chain fatty acids or MCFA’s [...]
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Reasons Why Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Is Better Than ...

Virgin coconut oil is considered to be a wonder oil that consists of essential nutrients that are extremely good for skin, hair and raw consumption. Although its benefits may sound similar to those of ordinary [...]
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Major Benefits of Using Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin and ...

Virgin coconut oil is known for its multitude of uses and benefits. It is an age-old solution for maintaining proper health of skin and hair. Virgin coconut oil for skin and hair consists of medium [...]
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Different Uses Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Babies

The skin of babies is very delicate, sensitive and tender. They are vulnerable to infection, rashes and attack of germs. They tend to catch colds easily and are prone to diseases caused by dust and [...]
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Important Skin Care Items To Carry While Travelling

The change in climate, atmosphere, and surroundings while traveling may have a major effect on the skin. Therefore it is mandatory to carry some must-have skin care products to avoid skin damage. One obvious tip [...]
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DIY Beauty Recipes with Nirmal VCO

Beauty products like lip balm, lipstick, body lotions, conditioners and the like are always at the top of the shopping lists. With virgin coconut oil, one can easily prepare effective and natural yet inexpensive beauty [...]
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Virgin Coconut Oil: The latest must-have Cooking Oil

The ordinary oils that are used for cooking don’t have the essential nutrients that a good cooking oil should contain. Ordinary cooking oils consist of trans fats which are extremely harmful to the body and [...]
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Transform your Oral health with Nirmal VCO!

Oil pulling is an ancient traditional practice performed by people to protect and maintain the hygiene of their gums and teeth. What is Oil pulling? Oil pulling involves swishing some amount of virgin coconut oil [...]
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Easy-to-Cook Healthy yet Tasty Recipes with Virgin Coconut Oil!

People are probably aware of the beauty-boosting benefits of virgin coconut oil. But now it’s time to discover the hidden health benefits of this miracle oil. If this oil is included in the diet, it [...]
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Virgin Coconut Oil Body Scrubs for That Winter Glow!

The cold season has already set in and it is time to start your winter beauty care regime. Contrary to what most people do, a real beauty regime includes the whole body and not just [...]
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Discover Innovative Ways of Using VCO

Virgin coconut oil is considered to be one of the most versatile oils on earth. It is an ancient remedy for both beauty and health purposes. But its usages are not only limited to topical [...]
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8 Ways to use Virgin Coconut Oil in Winter

There are many incredible ways of using virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is a miracle treatment that can rehydrate and quench the thirst of the body. It is economical yet extremely beneficial. It is [...]
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Healthy & Delicious Virgin Coconut Oil No-bake Recipes

The world is now discovering the hidden health benefits of virgin coconut oil. To incorporate more virgin coconut oil in their diet, people are in search of recipes that utilize coconut oil. Considered one of [...]
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4 DIY Virgin Coconut Oil Face Masks for Radiant Skin

Virgin coconut oil is one of the best natural skin care products available in the market. While taking care of a single issue like wrinkles or premature-ageing, it is important to not overlook other skin [...]
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Are You Using the Best Kind of Coconut Oil?

There are a number of coconut oils that are available in the market. However, not all coconut oils are made equal. Coconut oil can be segregated into different types according to their process of extraction [...]
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Know Why Cold-pressed Coconut Oil is a Better Choice than ...

Virgin Coconut Oil is now recognized as the “functional food” with powerful nutritional and medicinal implications. There is a striking difference between coconut oils that are cold-pressed and ordinary coconut oils. Unlike ordinary coconut oils, [...]
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All You Need to Know about Keto!

What is Keto? Keto is derived from ‘Ketones’(produced by the liver) which are small organic compounds that are found in the bloodstream when carbohydrate intake is cut down. These ketones are then used by the [...]
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Top 5 VCO Hair Masks for all Hair Problems

Naturally healthy, nourished and shiny hair is not only a blessing but also a confidence booster. Using virgin coconut oil for hair is a traditional Indian technique that has been commonly used since centuries to [...]
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Everything you need to know about Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a popular product not only in India but worldwide. From commoners to celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Emma Stone, everyone is now using coconut oil for health, fitness and beauty. It has [...]
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Know Why Virgin Coconut Oil is Better Than Vegetable Oil

Coconut oil has been very popular since time immemorial. It has gained reputation due to its multifaceted uses and benefits to skin and hair. Although it used to be treated as an unhealthy product for [...]
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What is Bulletproof Coffee and its benefits

The concept of bulletproof coffee was formulated by Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur and author from New Mexico. It is a high-performance drink that is high in fat, adequate in proteins and low in carbohydrates having [...]
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Nirmal VCO – The Best Hair Oil in India

Virgin coconut oil is one of the most nourishing and versatile oils, popular worldwide for its benefits to hair. Virgin coconut oil or VCO consists of medium chain fatty acids with approximately 50% lauric acid [...]
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The Surprising Truth about Saturated Fats

In the mid 1900’s, saturated fats were considered to be an integral part of human nutrition. Experts had declared that “fats are good” and hence it was also recommended for treating serious medical conditions. After [...]
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The Amazing Skin Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is popular worldwide for its multiple benefits and uses. It is not only an edible oil or a therapy oil for damaged and dry hair but also an excellent skin moisturizer and [...]
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Boost your energy naturally with Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil!

It is true that today’s modern lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping disorders make people feel weak and tired. People tend to curse their lifestyle for feeling exhausted and losing energy. However, small lifestyle changes like [...]
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Amazing Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

An age-old remedy for skin and health in India, pure Virgin Coconut Oil is now firmly established as a superfood across the world. Even though it is a saturated fat, it contains medium-chain fatty acids [...]
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Stubborn Hair Problems_ Try Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is extremely versatile and nourishing and is popular worldwide for its hair benefits. Certain components of the oil like fatty acids, keep the hair strong, healthy and nourished and protect it from [...]
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Lauric acid – the secret ingredient in Virgin Coconut Oil

The benefits of natural virgin coconut oil are common knowledge but not many know about lauric acid- a prized substance found in coconut oil. It is a medium-chain fatty acid and unlike long chain fatty [...]
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An age-old remedy for skin and health in India, pure [...]

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