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It is true that today’s modern lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping disorders make people feel weak and tired. People tend to curse their lifestyle for feeling exhausted and losing energy. However, small lifestyle changes like sleeping on time, eating wholesome foods, drinking enough water and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine can bring out positive changes in health, making a person feel fit and active.

It is not only important to keep a check on what kind of food we eat but also on how the food is prepared. Ordinary cooking oils do not contain essential nutrients and regular use disrupts the composition of fatty acids in the body. Moreover, regular cooking oils contain trans fats that can lead to cardiovascular diseases. A  great alternative to this is pure virgin coconut oil which contains essential natural minerals and vitamins needed by the body.

Virgin coconut oil contains a unique form of saturated fat called MCTs or medium chain triglycerides. These MCTs provide energy to the body instead of getting stored like other saturated fats. It is used as fuel by the body to produce energy. The unique saturated fats in VCO not only increase the healthy cholesterol levels (HDL) in the body but also convert the LDLs (bad cholesterol) into good cholesterols.

Here’s how virgin coconut oil acts as an energy booster for the body:

1)Quick digestion: The MCFAs in pure virgin coconut oil unlike other fats and oils, do not need any digestive enzymes from the pancreas or the gallbladder to get digested.. They are directly sent to the liver and transformed into energy. Therefore, virgin coconut oil not only helps to produce energy but because of its easily digestible nature, it helps the body to conserve energy that can be used to digest other kind of fats.

2)Healthy fats: There are three nutrients that the body uses to produce energy- Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins. Most fats and oils are made of long chain fatty acids or LCFAs that are difficult for the body to digest. The LCFAs combine with cholesterol and protein and stores it as body fat. However, the medium chain fatty acids or MCFAs present in virgin coconut oil are straightaway sent to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy and not stored as body fats. This helps speed up the body’s metabolic process as well.

3)Thermogenesis: Virgin coconut oil acts like food for the body’s cells. These cells convert the MCFAs present in VCO, thereby enhancing the process of metabolism in the body. When the metabolic rate increases, the body burns calories faster, thus increasing energy levels. It also boosts the immune system and the thyroid gland that regulates the rate of metabolism in the body.

4)Beneficial nutrients in VCO: If virgin coconut oil is consumed regularly, it helps the body obtain vital nutrients from food. Nutrients like Magnesium and Vitamin B are vital in the process of energy-production. These nutrients are present in Nirmal VCO unlike other regular oils.

5)Natural source of MCFAs: Virgin coconut oil is primarily composed of healthy MCFAs also called MCTs. Another major component (almost 50%) of VCO is Lauric acid (the magical component found in mother’s milk). MCFAs boost the metabolism, control appetite and gradually increase the level of energy in the body, while lauric acid helps to check the entry of bacteria and viruses into the body.

Virgin Coconut Oil is rightfully called nature’s miracle oil because of its vast natural benefits. It not only improves the body’s immunity, but also boosts metabolism, speeds up the process of fat-burning and with regular use keeps you active and energetic throughout the day! Try Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil for immediate health benefits.

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