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Reasons Why Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Is Better Than Ordinary Coconut Oil

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Virgin coconut oil is considered to be a wonder oil that consists of essential nutrients that are extremely good for skin, hair and raw consumption. Although its benefits may sound similar to those of ordinary coconut oil, there are major differences between the two oils.

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts without the application of heat through a process called cold-pressing. Through Cold Pressing all the naturally occurring nutrients in the oil are retained without any alteration to its natural composition, flavour and aroma. This miracle oil is chemical-free and unrefined, unlike ordinary coconut oil that is highly processed with high heat application. Virgin coconut oil is also free of preservatives and is a staple for beauty-related usage, cooking and can also be consumed in its original form.

While there are lots of advantages of Virgin Coconut Oil, below are some of the differences stating why cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is better than ordinary coconut oil:

1.) Appearance:

Ordinary coconut oil is murky yellow in colour. It is not transparent and one can often see sediments settling at the bottom of the bottle.

Virgin coconut oil is 100% clear and transparent. There is no trace of sediments found in the oil. It is completely colourless and is safe for consumption and topical application on skin and hair.

Virgin Coconut Oil Appearance

2.) Nutritional value:

Compared to virgin coconut oil, ordinary coconut oil is low on nutrients. This is due to the process of extraction for ordinary coconut oil which involves high heating temperature of around 140 degree Celsius that causes huge loss of nutrients.

Virgin Coconut Oil, on the other hand, is 100% cold-pressed, pure and natural. It does not involve any kind of heat throughout its process of extraction which preserves all the vital nutrients present in the oil. No heat application makes Nirmal VCO high in vitamins, minerals, MCT’s, laurics, antioxidants and other essential nutrients naturally present in the oil. It also boasts of zero added trans fats.

Virgin Coconut Oil Nutritious Value

3.) The process of extraction:

Ordinary coconut oil is extracted from coconut kernels or dried copra through an expeller-pressed process. This process includes the use of an expeller machine which generates heat of 140 degree Celsius which makes the oil lose its original nutritional value. Due to the heat that is generated during its extraction process, the oil appears slightly yellowish in colour and has a high viscosity.

Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts through a process known as cold-pressing. Cold-pressed technology does not involve the use of any kind of heat during extraction, thereby preserving all the essential nutrients present in the oil.

Process Of Extraction

4.) Texture & Aroma:

 Ordinary coconut oil has a slightly dense texture and tends to be heavy when compared with VCO. It is sticky by nature, makes the hair heavy and weighs it down. It also has a burnt, roasted coconut aroma which can be unpleasant to smell.

Virgin coconut oil for hair is light and non-sticky in nature. It has a mild and sweet coconut aroma. It does not weigh the hair down but instead keeps it nourished, soft and conditioned.

Texture And Aroma

5.) Composition:

Ordinary coconut oil may consist of added chemicals, preservatives or additives to increase the shelf-life of the oil and also its nutritional value. This might have negative effects on skin, hair and even health in the long run.

VCO does not contain any added preservatives or additives which can be harmful to skin and hair. It is 100% chemical-free and natural.

Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil benefits the skin, hair and health in a natural way. Nirmal VCO is chemical-free and the most beneficial oil for various beauty purposes, baking, cooking, frying and even raw consumption. It is always wise to choose unrefined and unadulterated Nirmal Virgin Coconut oil over any ordinary coconut oil. When applied on a regular basis, it can work wonders for one’s overall well-being.

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