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Different Uses Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Babies

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The skin of babies is very delicate, sensitive and tender. They are vulnerable to infection, rashes and attack of germs. They tend to catch colds easily and are prone to diseases caused by dust and pollution.

Choosing products that are made specifically for the sensitive skin of babies is very important. There are various types of baby products available in the market like oils, lotions, soaps and creams, but most of these products contain minerals, chemicals and preservatives which can be harmful to the delicate skin of babies. Using natural and organic products is safer and gentler on the skin and hair of babies. Natural products are chemical-free and do not contain preservatives or other ingredients that may have adverse effects on the baby.

Virgin coconut oil for babies is one such beneficial product. Nirmal Virgin Baby Coconut Oil is pure, natural and chemical-free unlike other mineral oils found in the market. It is absolutely safe to use on the skin and hair of babies. It is an all-natural healer for most issues related to a baby’s skin or hair.

Listed below are some uses of VCO for babies:


1.) Massage oil:

VCO serves as one of the best coconut oils for baby massage. It is 100% chemical-free, pure and natural. The nutrients in the oil keep the skin of babies moisturized, soft and smooth. It is absolutely safe to use and does not contain harmful minerals, unlike other baby oils.

Coconut Oil For Baby Massage


2.) Soothes nappy rashes:

Diaper rashes are caused due to frequent urination and the accumulation of urine in diapers. These rashes can spread and affect intimate parts of the body if left unattended. VCO consists of antibacterial properties which help heal these rashes that are formed due to continuous use of diapers or yeast infections. Therefore it is one of the best coconut oils for baby skin.

Nappy Rashes


3.) Teething pain reliever:

Application of VCO on gums can help reduce teething pain in babies as it is loaded with natural antioxidants and inflammatory properties which help reduce gum inflammation. Gently massage a small amount of VCO on the gums of teething babies to provide some relief from pain. Nirmal Virgin Baby Coconut Oil is an edible grade.

Teething Pain Reliever


4.) Cures irritation, allergies and breakouts:

An infant’s skin is often allergic to numerous conditions. Sometimes he/she may even experience breakouts due to allergies which can be itchy and cause irritation. The natural antioxidants in VCO can help treat the usual irritation and breakouts caused due to allergies if applied on a regular basis.

5.) Treats burns and cuts:

While learning how to walk, babies first begin with crawling. When they crawl, they often hurt themselves and cut their knees. Even while playing, babies tend to get bruises or scratches. Applying VCO on minor cuts, scratches and bruises speed up the healing process due to the presence of antimicrobial properties.

6.) Hair oil:

Baby hair tends to be frizzy and dry due to constant friction with the pillow, surface of the bed or because of exposure to the environment. Applying a small amount of VCO on the hair every day helps to nourish the hair, stimulate its growth and improve its texture. It is the best coconut oil for baby hair.

Coconut Hair Oil For Babies


7.) Helps treat cradle cap:

Babies are often affected by dry scalp issues or cradle cap during the first few months of their birth. This condition is characterized by a flaky scalp which often looks like dandruff. Regular use of this oil can keep the baby’s scalp nourished and moisturized which may help further prevent the recurrence of cradle cap.

Cold-pressed Nirmal virgin coconut oil for babies can be considered as one of the best coconut oils for babies. It is nutrient- rich as well as chemical free so that it protects the soft and sensitive skin of babies. It removes dry scalp issues, hydrates the skin, cures cuts and burns, treats diaper rashes and yields many other benefits. It is one of the best natural healers for skin or hair issues in babies.

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