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Virgin coconut oil is considered to be one of the most versatile oils on earth. It is an ancient remedy for both beauty and health purposes. But its usages are not only limited to topical application on skin and hair or to increase immunity. It has widespread uses which are offbeat. These uses of VCO can be easily incorporated as easy solutions to daily issues.

Take a look at some of the unusual uses of VCO:

Insect repellant: When VCO is mixed with two drops of peppermint oil, rosemary and tea tree oil it forms a strong repellent against flies, mosquitoes and other insects. It is one of the safest natural alternatives to chemically laden mosquito repellents and can be applied to all parts of the body.

Protection for leather shoes and bags: Try using VCO on leather shoes or heels to give them a clean and shiny look instead of purchasing an expensive leather kit or taking shoes to a repair shop. An occasional buffing with Nirmal VCO will provide a much-needed moisture injection to the leather bags and shoes which may prevent cracks, disguise blemishes and make them look fresh and new.

VCO to clean leather shoes and bag

Nail cuticle oil: Virgin coconut oil can be applied to the finger beds to reduce the risk of developing fungal infections and also to push back the cuticles. This helps the nail grow quickly and naturally. Nirmal VCO also acts as a defence mechanism against viruses and bacteria which people encounter every day in their lives.

Replacement of shaving cream: For people with sensitive skin, ingrown hair or irritation problems, using VCO instead of artificial shaving cream is a wise choice to make. Apply Nirmal VCO generously on the area and shave. Splash with cold water and pat dry.

VCO replace shaving cream

Oil pulling: To improve dental health naturally, try oil pulling with Nirmal VCO. It helps remove plaque, detoxify the mouth, reduce tooth decay and prevent other gum diseases like Gingivitis. Swish one-two tablespoons of Nirmal VCO for 10-15 minutes after waking up in the morning. After swishing, spit the oil into the wash basin and rinse mouth with salt water.

VCO for oil pulling

Furniture polish: VCO can be used on wood, granite and metal surfaces to give them a clean and shiny finish. It also helps to reduce the duskiness of furniture, cover up scratches and keep home surfaces clean and tidy.

A hairbrush cleaner: VCO can help remove unwanted hair and dirt from hairbrushes. Nirmal VCO’s antibacterial properties help in removing bacteria and hidden germs from the brush and also softens the delicate boar bristle strands of the brushes.

VCO for hair brush cleaner

Prevents dust accumulation on surfaces: VCO can prevent the settling down or build-up of dust on wooden surfaces. Rub a sufficient amount of Nirmal VCO on furniture and let it dry. The furniture will remain shiny and dust-free for days.

VCO to clean wooden surface

Virgin coconut oil can be used in a number ways for skin, hair, health, household and medicinal purposes. Explore and experience some of the above ways of including VCO in your daily lifestyle!

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