Everything you need to know about Virgin Coconut Oil

Everything you need to know about Virgin Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is a popular product not only in India but worldwide. From commoners to celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Emma Stone, everyone is now using coconut oil for health, fitness and beauty. It has been given the status of ‘Superfood’ due to its natural and pure existence and vast benefits.

The Reason for its Popularity

Virgin coconut oil, also known as VCO is natural, pure and considered to be a healthy substitute for vegetable oils, butter, margarine, artificial moisturisers and other chemical-laden products found in the market. Good brands of VCO consist of almost 50% lauric acid. Lauric acid cannot be found in nature alone or consumed directly, it is available only in the form of VCO or in mother’s milk.

Is VCO Good or Bad?

VCO consists of medium chain fatty acids or MCFA’s which are not stored in the body as fat but are instead broken down in the body and converted into energy. This helps control diabetes and maintains the good cholesterol level in the body. It also controls appetite which in the long run aids in the weight loss process.

How Much Should VCO be Consumed?

Like all other foods and beverages, Nirmal VCO can be consumed regularly in moderate amounts. One-three teaspoons of VCO can be consumed raw everyday in the morning before breakfast. Virgin coconut oil for cooking can be used as an ingredient in small amounts in a variety of food recipes like cakes, sauteed vegetables, salads or preparation of coffee or cookies.

Virgin coconut oil for cooking

Health Benefits of VCO

Nirmal VCO is cold-pressed, pure, unrefined and naturally loaded with healthy MCFA’s, lauric acid (found in mother’s milk), antioxidants and antiviral properties. These natural characteristics of the oil helps control diabetes, reduces the risk of heart disease, protects the body from infections and aids in weight loss.

cold preassed coconut oil

Benefits to Skin and Hair

VCO can be applied topically to the hair to reduce split-ends, remove dandruff, prevent lice, regulate blood circulation in the scalp and condition the hair.

If applied on skin regularly, it can reduce pimple outbreaks, prevent premature ageing, reduce wrinkles, protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, remove stretch marks and even acne-scars.

virgin coconut oil for hair & skin

Some Ways of Consuming VCO

Nirmal VCO has a neutral taste and sweet aroma. It can be used as a healthy taste-enhancer for a variety of food items. For instance, VCO can be used as a replacement to refined cooking oils for frying and as a substitute for butter and margarine while baking. It can serve as a healthy salad dressing or can be added to a morning smoothie or coffee.

Usage of VCO as a Hair Mask

Virgin coconut oil for hair is effective in its own way as it is 100% natural, unprocessed and preservative free. It can be singularly treated as a hair mask option but certain ingredients like avocado oil, essential oils or apple cider vinegar can also be added for some extra- nutrition.

Virgin coconut oil for hair

Always opt for coconut oil that is ‘cold-pressed’, ‘virgin’, ‘unrefined’, and 100% natural. This type of coconut oil is colourless with a neutral flavour and aroma. It is chemical-free and does not contain any added preservatives or additives. VCO is completely edible and can also be applied to skin and hair on a regular basis.

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