Know Why Cold-pressed Coconut Oil is a Better Choice than Ordinary Oils

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Virgin Coconut Oil is now recognized as the “functional food” with powerful nutritional and medicinal implications. There is a striking difference between coconut oils that are cold-pressed and ordinary coconut oils. Unlike ordinary coconut oils, cold-pressed coconut oils (also known as virgin coconut oil) retain their flavor, aroma and nutritional value after being processed making it a staple oil for cooking, skincare and hair care requirements. The unique fatty acid content in the oil sets it apart from other conventional coconut oils.

What is Cold-pressed coconut oil?

Cold-pressed coconut oil, also known as Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts without the application of heat. The process of cold pressing naturally retains the nutritional value of the coconuts which is why this process is preferred over heat induced extraction. This oil is unrefined, chemical free and not deodorized. Due to minimal tampering with the coconuts, the oil retains its neutral coconut flavour and mildly sweet aroma.

Cold Pressed Oil

Difference between Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil and Ordinary Coconut Oil:

Nirmal virgin coconut oil is 100% pure, natural and cold-pressed. It is extracted from fresh coconuts and does not undergo any kind of heat extraction. Throughout the process, the temperature is kept below 50 degrees to keep the nutritional value of the oil intact. This oil is colourless and has a neutral coconut aroma. It does not contain any trans fats and is naturally cholesterol free. No heat application makes Nirmal VCO high in vitamins, minerals, MCT’s, lauric acid, antioxidants and other essential nutrients that are naturally present in the oil.

Coconut Oil Extraction

Ordinary coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels or copra with the help of an expeller machine that is known to generate heat above 100 degrees. This makes the oil lose some of its nutritional value. This oil has high viscosity and its colour is slightly yellowish due to the generation of heat. Ordinary coconut oil may contain chemicals and added preservatives or additives to increase its shelf life and other nutritional value.

Ordinary Coconut Oil

Following are some reasons as to why cold-pressed coconut oils are a better choice:

The purest form of coconut oil: The least processed coconut oil is the best because it does not rob the oil of its natural nutrients due to harmful chemicals or heat. This preserves all the essential nutrients which makes coconut oil one of the most effective for health, beauty and consumption related purposes.


Natural healer for the Skin and Hair: VCO consists of Medium chain fatty acids or MCFA’s that revitalise dry, flaky and problematic skin. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin and infuses the cells with moisture and other nutritive values. It can be applied on the skin as a moisturiser, a massage oil or a natural sunscreen.

Nirmal VCO is a natural nourishment and one of the best cold-pressed coconut oil for hair. It consists of antioxidants and lauric acid that helps remove dandruff, split-ends and boosts blood circulation in the scalp. It is non-sticky and light with a neutral coconut aroma. It can be used as an ingredient for hair masks, as a leave-in conditioner and a massage oil.


Longer shelf-life- Nirmal VCO has a longer shelf life than any other VCO due to its 100% pure and chemical-free nature. It has a shelf-life of around 18 months if kept away from sunlight / heat and stored in a cool place.


Healthy Oil for Consumption: Cold-pressed coconut oil is loaded with all kinds of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which help regulate the metabolism of the body, control diabetes, increase the fat-burning process and reduce the risk of heart diseases. These nutrients remain intact even after cooking which makes the food even more nutritious and healthy. The natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of the oil like lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid  boost immunity and protects the body from harmful germs, bacteria and other toxic elements present in the environment.


It is always a wise choice to avoid refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oils. Nirmal virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed and one of the most natural ways to experience radiant skin, nourished hair and moisturised body. It will naturally take care of all the beauty needs. It is worth choosing Nirmal VCO as it is the best cold-pressed coconut oil for skin and also for its amazing benefits of protecting the body and nourishing the hair.  

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