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Nirmal VCO – The Best Hair Oil in India

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Virgin coconut oil is one of the most nourishing and versatile oils, popular worldwide for its benefits to hair. Virgin coconut oil or VCO consists of medium chain fatty acids with approximately 50% lauric acid (also found in mother’s milk). It is highly beneficial for health, skin and hair since it is naturally packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and antiviral properties.

Why virgin coconut oil for hair?

There are endless things which can cause damage to the hair starting from pollution, UV rays, blow-drying, colouring, bleaching and harsh brushing. These can affect the hair making it dry, rough and coarse.

According to research, virgin coconut oil can effectively be used as a natural treatment for damaged hair. This is due to the unique combination of fatty acids that helps to retain the protein and moisture content of the hair. Therefore, if used regularly, this cold-pressed coconut oil helps in hair growth, making hair stronger, thicker and longer.

Why is Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil good for hair?

Nirmal virgin coconut oil is 100% pure, natural and unrefined. It is chemical-free with no added preservatives. It is extracted from the flesh of fresh coconuts through a process called cold-pressing that does not involve any kind of heat.The oil is transparent in colour and has a fresh coconut aroma. It is one of the best-unrefined coconut oils for hair.

Since it is a completely natural product, free from harmful toxins and chemicals, it is safer to use on hair in the long term unlike other refined oils that come with added preservatives and additives that cause more harm than good. Using Nirmal’s unrefined coconut oil for hair is a simple and affordable way to revive the natural beauty of hair and maintain a healthy scalp.

Nirmal’s unrefined coconut oil can be applied directly on hair and is naturally loaded with antiprotozoal properties, lauric acid, MCFA’s and antioxidants. It acts as a natural sunscreen for the hair, conditions the hair and stimulates growth. Regular application reduces split-ends, treats extreme dandruff, protects the hair from lice, prevents hair breakage and reduces frizz. It is also known to improve blood circulation of the scalp if massaged on a regular basis.

Some basic healthy hair regimen:

The following mask leaves hair nourished and moisturised. If done frequently, it makes hair smooth, soft and frizz free.

  • Gently comb the hair, removing all tangles.
  • Pour some unrefined coconut oil (liquid form) in hand and gently massage on scalp and dry hair.
  • Leave it on for a few hours and then rinse off using a mild shampoo.

Nirmal Virgin is an unrefined coconut oil for hair, skin and health. It can be applied topically to the skin and hair as well as consumed through diet. It is the most ideal unrefined coconut oil for restoring natural health and beauty to hair.

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