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Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil for Baby care

Virgin coconut oil for baby is one of the most natural moisturizers that works wonders for babies. It is rich in nutrients and free from chemicals which protects the delicate skin of babies. It has natural antioxidants making the oil safe to use and one of the best natural healers for skin issues in babies.

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Baby Care

Massage oil

It serves as a chemical free nourishing oil for the gentle and sensitive new skin of babies.

Soothe Nappy rashes

Its antiviral and antibacterial properties heal rashes that are formed due to continuous use of diapers or yeast infections.

Keeps away germs and infections

Regular oil massage on the skin keeps away certain germs and viruses from entering the body.

Cures irritation, allergies and breakouts

The natural antioxidants in the oil treats the usual irritations and breakouts on skin due to allergies, ideal for babies.

Removes cradle cap

Regular use of the oil can keep the baby’s scalp nourished which may prevent recurrence of cradle cap.

Teething pain reliever

Massage gently on the gums of teething babies to provide them relief from pain.

Hydrates the skin

The nutrients in the oil deeply hydrate the skin of the baby.

Burns and cuts on skin

The lauric acid or MCTs helps in treating the affected areas as it boosts the wound healing process.



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