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Organic & Extra virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is considered as a topical aid, from nourishing the skin to conditioning the hair. It is extracted from fresh coconut milk and is the first press of the oil. It is pure with no additives and is 100% raw and organic. It is a colourless healthy edible oil and can be used for various application purposes as well.

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Organic & Extra Virgin

Smoothes skin

The most natural way to moisturize your skin. A great replacement for chemical-laden moisturizers.

Reduces scars

It fastens the wound healing process and treats both old and new scars and marks on the skin.

Improve metabolic activities

Boosts the metabolic rate and stimulates the process of cell regeneration in the body.

Epilepsy attack

It helps reduce epileptic seizures in children due to the MCTs present in the oil.

Sunscreen for hair

It protects the hair from becoming rough and frizzy by acting as a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 8.

Reduces dandruff

Regular application of the oil is said to remove stubborn dandruff and dermatitis from scalp.

Boosts the immune system

It helps prepare antibodies which leads to the improvement of the immune system.

Lose abdominal fat

It is effective in reducing the harmful belly fat that forms in the abdominal cavity surrounding the organs.


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