The Amazing Skin Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

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Virgin coconut oil is popular worldwide for its multiple benefits and uses. It is not only an edible oil or a therapy oil for damaged and dry hair but also an excellent skin moisturizer and massage oil. Since Nirmal virgin coconut oil is completely natural, unrefined and chemical-free and contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, it does not cause any harm to the skin, unlike artificial moisturizers. Virgin coconut oil has properties to feed and nourish the skin.

Below are some reasons as to why natural virgin coconut oil is beneficial for the skin:

Excellent skin moisturizer: Virgin coconut oil is non-sticky and is easily absorbed into the skin tissue. It quickly seeps into the pores of the skin without leaving behind any residue, thoroughly moisturizing the skin and leaving it soft to touch.

Natural makeup remover: Removing makeup helps the skin to breath and therefore, it is always wise to remove makeup before going to bed. Virgin coconut oil is completely natural, non-greasy, chemical free and efficient in taking off heavy makeup and is totally safe for the eyes.

Deep cleanses the skin: It is very important to deep cleanse the facial skin from time to time. Since it is the most exposed part of the body to chemicals, dust and pollution, toxins easily seep into the pores and clog them. Organic virgin coconut oil for skin is mild and the light texture of the oil helps to seep into the follicles of the skin dissolving the hardened sebum and bringing it to the surface of the skin.

A natural sunscreen: The UV rays of the sun damage skin cells. The antioxidants in virgin coconut oil can protect the skin against solar radiation. It has a natural SPF of 8 which keeps the skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It also helps to reduce the damage caused by the sun.

Prevents premature ageing: Premature ageing is caused due to pollution, too much makeup, harmful rays of the sun and injuries. Virgin coconut oil, when applied regularly, acts as a physical barrier against dust and chemicals and protects the skin by moisture locking it. The antioxidants in the oil reduce skin damage and keep the skin soft and radiant by promoting the formation of collagen.

Reduces wrinkles: Wrinkles are caused due to the breakdown of the collagen layer (a structural protein in the inner layers of the skin) which is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and elastic. The breakdown is caused due to various reasons like pollution, sunburn, dust, chemicals etc. Virgin coconut oil can penetrate deep into the skin and the MCT’s in the oil can repair the collagen layer of the skin making it smooth and wrinkle free.

Shields against antibacterial and fungal infections: The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the organic virgin coconut oil protect the skin against harmful pathogens. The lauric acid in the oil mostly acts as an antibacterial agent. The MCFA’s in the oil help to kill the bacteria that cause acne. Cleaning the face or applying virgin coconut oil regularly can keep the bacterial attacks under control.

Virgin coconut oil is organic and a highly stable oil because of its saturated fat content and the presence of lauric acid in the most natural state. It is a miracle oil due to its countless benefits towards skin, hair and health. It does not contain any added preservatives or additives to destroy the natural nutrients of the oil and is completely safe to use everyday.

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