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Oil pulling is an ancient traditional practice performed by people to protect and maintain the hygiene of their gums and teeth.

What is Oil pulling?

Oil pulling involves swishing some amount of virgin coconut oil in the mouth for 5-10 minutes and then spitting it out followed by brushing the teeth. This action is known to reduce ample amount of bacteria in the mouth.

Why should you oil pull with VCO?

Nirmal VCO is cold-pressed and one of the best kinds of pure and natural virgin coconut oil which can be used for oil pulling. It is rich in natural antioxidants, lauric acid, vitamins, antiviral properties and other essential nutrients found in nature. No-heat is applied during the process of extraction and hence, all the nutrients in the oil remain intact. The harmful bacteria and germs that affect the oral health of a person can be easily brought under control with frequent oil pulling with VCO.

In recent years, oil pulling has gained immense popularity among people around the globe. It is considered to be an effective traditional method to keep up with gum and dental health in the course of time.

How does oil pulling help?

Aids in controlling bad breath: Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath is the pungent smell of gases and toxic chemicals that are produced by the bacteria or germs present in the mouth. If a person practices oil pulling on a regular basis, there is a high chance of reducing the bacterial count in the mouth and hence controlling bad breath.

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Checks on bacterial growth: There are hundreds of bacteria that keep growing inside the mouth. These germs and bacteria majorly contribute to tooth decay and cavity formation. Through various studies, it has been found that oil pulling with VCO is an effective technique of reducing the bacteria found in saliva and plaque due to the presence of natural antibacterial properties present in the oil.

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Reduces Gingivitis and plaque: Gingivitis happens when the gums become red, swollen and get prone to bleeding. This condition takes place due to the inflammation of gums and also when the immune system starts to attack the bacteria in the plaque. The antioxidants in the oil help destroy these bacteria and with regular oil pulling the inflammation of gums can also be reduced.


Prevents Cavity: The main cause of cavity is tooth decay. Bacterial growth is boosted due to over-indulgence in sweets and weak oral hygiene which in the long run may lead to holes in the teeth, commonly referred to as cavities. Another reason for the formation of cavities is, plaque. A coating, consisting of bacteria, food particles and saliva is formed on the teeth. In due course of time, these bacteria break down the food particles forming an acid that eventually affects the enamel of the tooth leading to tooth decay. VCO is composed of 50% lauric acid and antioxidants. Therefore oil pulling on a daily basis may help in minimizing the bacterial count and prevent cavities.

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Oil pulling with virgin coconut oil works wonders. People prefer VCO over other oils because of its mild taste and immense benefits. It has high nutritional value and is loaded with antimicrobial properties. Oil pulling with Nirmal VCO is a safe and effective method to improve overall oral health and hygiene. But it should not be treated as a substitute for regular oral hygiene routine like brushing and flossing.

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