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There are a number of coconut oils that are available in the market. However, not all coconut oils are made equal. Coconut oil can be segregated into different types according to their process of extraction like unrefined, refined, cold-pressed and expeller-pressed coconut oils.

Refined vs Unrefined:

Refined coconut oils undergo a lot of chemical processing compared to unrefined coconut oils. High heat is applied throughout the process of extraction which ultimately destroys the natural nutrients and vitamins present in the oil. These type of oils also come with added preservatives and additives.

Unrefined coconut oils, on the other hand are less processed at much lower temperatures than the refined ones. All the essential nutrients present in the oil are preserved even after cooking, the reason being its high smoke point. These type of oils are chemical free and do not contain any kind of preservatives.

Cold-pressed vs Expeller-pressed:

Cold-pressed coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts and boasts of a high smoke point thus preserving all the essential nutrients present in the oil. These coconuts are not exposed to any kind of heat throughout the process of extraction. The oil that is produced through this process is pure, unbleached and chemical-free. The best kind is transparent in colour with a mildly sweet fragrance.


Expeller-pressed coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels or copra through an expeller machine that generates heat above 100 degrees. This gives the oil a roasted aroma and a burnt coconut flavour. It also causes the oil to lose some of its nutritional value. Sometimes, preservatives or chemicals are added to the oil for a longer shelf life.

Below are some qualities to help you choose the best Virgin Coconut Oil for yourself:

Aroma: The kind of the aroma can reflect the temperature used during processing and also determine its rancidity. If any VCO has a strong coconut scent or smells like a coconut candy, then it is certain that it was processed at higher temperatures. The quality of a high grade virgin coconut oil can be determined from its smell. A high-quality VCO should have a mild or a subtle coconut aroma.

Flavour: Similar to aroma, a high quality VCO should not feel strong on the taste buds. A good coconut oil should have a subtle flavour and maintain the uniformity of this flavour throughout with a mild aftertaste. This kind of taste is achievable only if the coconuts are fresh and the oil has been produced from coconuts produced from a single breed.


Texture: This is another strong indicator for a good quality virgin coconut oil. The texture of VCO entirely depends on how the oil was extracted and produced. If any oil undergoes high heating temperature, it means that the quality of the oil has degraded. A high grade VCO should be transparent and feel light and smooth. It should not be brittle or contain residues.


Nirmal VCO is cold-pressed, unrefined and chemical free. It is transparent or colourless with a neutral coconut aroma and mild flavour. It is 100% pure and made from fresh coconuts. Its process of extraction does not involve any kind of heat or chemical-processing. Try Nirmal VCO for its purity and naturalness.

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