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The ordinary oils that are used for cooking don’t have the essential nutrients that a good cooking oil should contain. Ordinary cooking oils consist of trans fats which are extremely harmful to the body and may even lead to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, one of the best alternatives to this is virgin coconut oil.

Till now, people are quite aware of the innumerable beauty benefits and usages of virgin coconut oil. However, they are not much aware of its consumption benefits, usages and the fact that it has better nutrient content than other vegetable oils. VCO has equally amazing health benefits.  It consists of a unique composition of fatty acids, lauric acid, antioxidants and other essential nutrients which are extremely nutritious and beneficial for health.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons for VCO to be considered as one of the healthiest cooking oils:

High smoke point: Virgin coconut oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides or MCT’s and consists of healthy fats or saturated fatty acids. These healthy fats are used by epileptic patients during a ketogenic diet to induce ketosis. A major portion of this miracle oil consists of lauric acid which makes it have a high smoke point. This makes it highly resistant to oxidation or releasing smoke at high heat. The essential nutrients that are found in this oil remain intact while making the food more healthy and delicious.

nirmal vco high smoke point

Rich in Laurics: Laurics is one of the most prized constituents in virgin coconut oil. It forms about 50% of the oil. It is not available in nature in a single form nor can it be consumed directly. Therefore, more of it can be can be consumed through virgin coconut oil or fresh coconuts. A substance called Monolaurin is formed when VCO is digested in the body. This substance contains antiviral, antiprotozoal and antibacterial properties. These properties present in this miracle oil help improve immunity, increase metabolism, enhances the weight loss process and protect the body against harmful bacteria, germs and fungi.

Flavour and Aroma: Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil consists of a sweet aroma and mild or neutral coconut flavour. This oil enhances the taste of the food and makes it even more nutritious and delicious.

nirmal vco luric acid

Prolonged shelf-life: VCO is completely transparent and transparency is the symbol of purity. VCO is 100% pure and natural and is extracted from fresh coconuts. It is chemical-free and can be stored for a longer period of time, unlike other oils. Hence VCO is considered to be a travel-friendly product as the nutrients found in the oil remain unaffected for a longer span of time compared to ordinary oils.

nirmal vco

VCO is considered as a wonder oil around the world. Therefore, one of the healthiest choices to make would be cooking with Nirmal VCO. It has the potential to heal a number of health problems in various ways. The essential nutrients, antioxidants, lauric acid and MCT’s present in the oil are quickly absorbed into the body that keeps a person healthy and active throughout the year.

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