What is Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil?

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts through a process called ‘cold-pressing’ where no heat is required. Cold pressing ensures all vital enzymes, nutrients & vitamins of coconut remain intact. Virgin coconut oil is 100% natural, unbleached and unrefined. It is colorless with a sweet fresh neutral aroma unlike ordinary coconut oil which has a roasted aroma.

Extraction Of Virgin Coconut Oil

The extraction processes of ordinary coconut oil and virgin coconut oil are completely different. Ordinary Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels (copra) through the process of expelling which generates temperature of above 100 degrees thus making the coconut oil lose some of its nutritional value. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts, keeping the temperature during the process below 50 degrees thus retaining all the nutritional values intact.  Maximum care is taken in all KLF Nirmal factories, to ensure that the raw material – fresh coconuts are properly cold pressed and not exposed to any kind of heat and sunlight, all throughout the process.



How is VCO different from Ordinary coconut oil?

Extraction Process

Ordinary coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels (copra) with an expeller machine which generates heat of above 100 degrees. This makes the oil lose some of its nutritional value. While extracting VCO no heat is generated which preserves the oil’s nutritional value.


Appearance & Texture

The main difference between regular coconut oil and virgin coconut oil is that virgin coconut oil is colorless. Since ordinary coconut oil is extracted through application of heat on copra, the color is yellowish as compared to VCO.

VCO is lighter and less sticky as compared to ordinary coconut oil which has got a higher viscosity.


Virgin coconut oil is unrefined with an excellent taste and a sweet neutral aroma since it is extracted from fresh coconuts without the application of heat. The natural nutrients, beneficial enzymes and minerals of the coconut is preserved. But in ordinary coconut oil, you lose some of these nutrients during the process of expelling.


Virgin coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCTs), good HDL levels and has no trans-fats. Few vitamins, minerals and polyphenols that add to the sweet aroma, taste, and nutrition are much higher in virgin coconut oil.


Due to its process of extraction, cold pressed virgin coconut oil benefits are more compared to ordinary coconut oil. No heat application makes virgin coconut oil high in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Virgin coconut oil has a longer shelf life than other edible oils like ordinary coconut oil. Since virgin coconut oil has a high concentration of lauric acid, it helps boost immunity.


What Is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

Extra virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh organic certified coconuts. This is a premium quality oil which is processed through the least amount of processing steps so as to retain the fresh natural coconut taste and flavor. Fresh coconut meat is grated and cold processed to produce coconut milk. The milk is centrifuged through ‘decanting centrifuge method’ to separate the oil which will then have a light texture and pleasant coconut aroma as there is no heat application throughout the process. In the manufacturing process of this oil, there is no added preservatives or additives, no chemical refining, no deodorization, no bleaching and any use of chemicals throughout the process.